The Company will strive to become the Takaful partner of choice in Pakistan catering to the financial protection, long term savings, retirement and financial planning needs of individuals, businesses , and the public sector, in full conformity with Sharia principles.


To be recognized as a reputable, profitable, Sharia driven Family Takaful operator offering innovative financial solutions to its clients through best in class talent, technology and distribution power.

Context of vision and mission statement

Strive -Indicates an ambitious, committed, energetic approach.

Takaful partner of choice - Making our clients want to do business with us. This is possible once we are able to differentiate ourselves on the basis of quality proposition. One indicator could be market leadership in terms of product innovation, customer service, national outreach, ethical approach to doing business, etc.

Reputable -Reputation is derived from various means: customer experience, commitment to the society and the industry, ethical approach to doing business, quality and technical depth of our financial advisors, reliability, trustworthiness, technology-savvy business, sustainable approach to growth. This in turn has a significant impact on our brand value.

Profitable - Emphasizing commercial viability of the business and therefore value creation for our shareholders.

Sharia driven - Instead of simply being Sharia compliant. There may be a segment that is motivated by Sharia authenticity of our products / brand.

Innovative financial solutions -'Innovative' underscores our commitment to bring a fresh approach to product development; 'solutions' indicates our desire to be proactive to market's needs, instead of a cut & paste or reactive approach to serving our clients.

Talent -Best in class talent requires a powerful HR policy to attract, develop and retain quality professionals. It requires significant investment in training. We will ensure that our people understand insurance business and more importantly understand the differences and similarities with Sharia takaful principles. Our client-facing people carry a huge responsibility in creating (or destroying) our reputation and brand value. Our middle office people (risk management, product structuring, etc.) are the backbone to our long term sustainable growth. And a reliable back office ensures that we are able to safeguard the trust of our stakeholders through accurate and timely analysis and reporting.

Technology -Our long term sustainable growth will be dependent on the quality of our information technology infrastructure. More than a support function, it has to be viewed as a business-enabler helping us in critical decision making.

Distribution - Building a extensive, nationwide distribution network is critical to our long term survival. Backed by quality talent and technology systems, we need to aggressively strive to develop strong market access. This will involve a combination of direct sales force, branch network, bancatakaful , brandassurance (e.g. hypermarket, etc.) and other channels to quickly expand our outreach.

Code of Conduct

1.1  Policy Statement

“Professionalism, high ethical standards, integrity and honesty of employees are crucial for DFTL in pursuing and maintaining its regulatory role in the corporate sector. The purpose of this Code is to set down the employees' legal obligations while under the employment of DFTL and which they are required to comply. It provides guidelines to assist employees in understanding and complying with such legal & compliance obligations”.

1.2  Definitions

To provide be a broad guideline for how we do business in Dawood Family Takaful Limited (DFTL). Because it is a document, it gives a structure, but it cannot cover every questionable situation or every context of business. Therefore, we encourage all of you to be guided by your conscience, by the spirit of this policy, and fair business practices.

1.3  Eligibility

This policy implement on all permanent/non-regular/part timer/ contractual staff of DFTL.

1.4  Observation & Limitation

Employees must comply with all the requirements set out in this Code in addition to the terms and conditions of employment set out in their contracts of employment. If any inconsistency exists, this Code shall prevail. Those who are in breach of any provision of this Code may be subject to summary dismissal. Employees who have any doubt about any provision specified in this Code should consult the Human Resources Department.

1.5  Procedure
1.5.1  Ethics and Business Practice / Code of Conduct

a.   The directors and employees of the DFTL seek to protect the DFTL’s assets. DFTL’s assets and services are used solely for the legitimate business purpose.

b.   DFTL does not support any political or ethnic organization and the use of DFTL’s funds for any contribution to such organizations is prohibited.

c.   The directors and employee adhere in letter and spirit to all laws and conform to good corporate governance. Any conflict of interests should be avoided, where it exists it should be disclosed, and guidance sought.

d.   Management maintains all books, data, information and records with scrupulous integrity, reporting in an accurate and timely manner all transactions and reports.

e.   DFTL is committed to provide services, which consistently offer value in terms of price and quality and satisfy customer needs and expectations.

f.   The Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. Its employee recruitment and personnel policies are free of any bias whatsoever.

g.   Directors and employees maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all the information including AML/ CFT, filing of Currency Transactions Report (CTR) and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) information acquired during the course of professional activities and refrain from disclosing the same unless otherwise required by statutory authorities/law. Inside information about DFTL or its customers shall not be used for any personal gain either directly or indirectly.

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