Training & Development Department Activities

The Training & Development Department was established in 2009, initially at head office, and later on expanding its Zonal Training Centers in major branches across Pakistan. Our team of Takaful; Marketing and Operational Experts conduct various types of training session on regular intervals, which aim at bringing of our work force with DFT’s Vision, Mission and Core Values.
DFT’s internal learning and development activities are in compliance with SECP requirements for its Takaful Distribution and Agency Development curriculum, theoretical and practical skill development.
Following major types of courses are frequently arranged for our workforce:

Takaful Foundation Training (TFT)

As Takaful Foundation Training (TFT) is a mandatory and regulatory course, the T&D enacted the TFT course accordingto the latest curriculum guidelines as per SECP SRO in 2015. Over 1500 recruits are trained for various levels of TFT sessions every year. The course encompasses topics like Takaful, Risk Management, Field Underwriting, Takaful Distribution Skills etc.

Managerial Development Program (MDP)

It also complies with the standard course outline by SECP for the Managerial level personnel course, besides advance Marketing and Sales Strategy and personal skills development topics.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

Again a very important aspect of mandatory learning by SECP, DFT T&D department has implemented the training of contractual/permanent employees of the organization. The course is repeated on Annual basis, so that the AML/CFT policies and procedures are practiced .
Bancatakaful Orientation Sessions

DFTL as partner organization to major commercial banking organizations to distribute its Takaful products through, DFT has also been providing Takaful Orientation/Foundation trainings to branch personnel of partner banks across Pakistan.

Miscellaneous Management Courses

DFTL’s T&D employs its internal as well as external facilitators to impart the latest industry trends to DFT head office, branch and Bancatakaful teams. These trends range from soft skills, leadership, conflict management, Sales/Marketing Strategies, Emotional Intelligence etc. Besides the organization also facilitates in Personal and Professional Development by sponsoring LOMA, LIMRA and AII courses.


Branch Officers Training Feb 2019

Branch Officers Training Feb 2019

Managerial Skills Development Feb 2019

TFT Gujrat Feb 19

TFT Islamabad Feb 2019

TFT Islamabad Feb 2019

TFT Jan 2019

TFT Karachi Marach 2019

TFT Mandibahauddin March 2019

TFT Mandibahauddin March 2019

External Trainer for Skills Development Feb 2019

MDP Bahawalpur April 2019

MDP Peshawar April 2019

MDP Multan April 19

MDP Islamabad 2019

MDP Lahore April 2019

MDP Gujrat April 19
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