You may decide your single Contribution subject to minimum amount. This will be used to purchase investment Units in our managed SHARIAH funds of your choice; Income Fund, Balanced Fund or Aggressive Fund.
You will have access to your funds including any profits which can be redeemed either through partial withdrawal, surrender, in the event of claim, or survival at maturity.The fund value may fluctuate based on underlying asset performance and is not guaranteed.


The Waqf provides financial compensation in case of DEATH in consideration of your Tabarru’ (donation) to the Waqf fund, based on compensation desired. The Tabarru’ payment is deducted from your PIA fund through cancellation of investment Units. .

Product Features

View basic features and descriptions below:

Entry Age 18 – 65 years.
Minimum Contribution PKR 50,000
Minimum Term 1 year
Maximum Term 57 years
Payment Term of Contribution Single
Maximum Maturity Age 75 Years
Minimum Sum Cover 1.25 times of Single Contribution
Maximum Sum Cover 10 X Single Contribution (Subject to Underwriting)
Benefits on Death Higher of Sum Cover or Cash Value
Distributable Surplus from Waqf , If any.
Benefits on Accdiental Death Additional sum cover in case of accidental death after age 60.
Benefits at Maturity Net PIA value accumulated at the time of Maturity.
Distributable Surplus from Waqf , If any.
Free Look Period Certificate can be cancelled within fourteen (14) days of issuance and refund of Contribution subject to deduction of medical fees.
Top Up Contribution Additional investment into the PIA is allowed at any time.
The Units shall be allocated at the prevailing offer price.
PIA Fund Management Fee
(Wakala Tharawat Fee)
1.50% per annum of PIA Fund Value.
Partial Withdrawal (from PIA) Withdrawal from top up contribution can be made at any time.
Minimum withdrawal at least PKR 10,000.
Minimum balance after withdrawal must be atleast PKR 30,000 or 20% of pre-withdrawal value , which ever is heigher.
Withdrawal fee PKR 300.
Surrender of Certificate The balance in PIA less indebtednes, if any, shall be payable.
The Certificate shall terminate.
Special Loyality Awards From 10th year onwards,every 5th year 2.5% will be added as a percentage of Basic Plan's Perticipant Inventment Account (PIA) Value
Contribution allocation 100%
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