Change is the essence of life. Some changes make your life colorful but sometimes a change can be quite challenging.

We have no control on the WILL of ALLAH. But we must continuously pray to seek HIS BLESSINGS, and be prepared to overcome the CHALLENGES that might occur. We need to PLAN ahead to mitigate the effects of CHANGE that may cause financial hardship to our beloved family. This would enable them some relief particularly in the event of DEATH resulting in loss of regular income.

Now you can be prepared by participating in our SALAMTI Takaful Scheme! The Plan provides you with both financial protection and savings growth in accordance with SHARIAH. It is an Investment-Linked Takaful Plan that allows you to invest in our managed SHARIAH investment funds, and participate in the protection benefit through a Waqf operated by the Company. SALAMTI gives you peace of mind because your beloved ones are secured financially for the future.


You may decide your regular Contributions subject to minimum amount. These will be used to purchase investment Units in our managed SHARIAH funds of your choice; Income Fund, Balanced Fund or Aggressive Fund.
You will have access to your funds including any profits which can be redeemed either through partial withdrawal, surrender, in the event of claim, or survival at maturity.The fund value may fluctuate based on underlying asset performance and is not guaranteed.


The Waqf provides financial compensation in case of DEATH in consideration of your Tabarru’ (donation) to the Waqf fund, based on compensation desired. You can enhance the benefit by attaching optional riders subject to additional payment of Tabarru’.

Product Features

View basic features and descriptions below:

Basic Features Description
Entry Age 18-65
Minimum Contribution
Mode Amount
Monthly PKR 7,500/-
Quarterly PKR 7,500/-
Semi Annual PKR 7,500/-
Annually PKR 12,500/-
Maximum Contribution No Limit.
Term of Contribution 10 to 30 years.
Maturity Age At the expiry of Term or at age 75 years, whichever earlier.
Minimum Sum Cover 5 * Annual Contribution or 100,000 , whichever is higher.
Maximum Sum Cover Cover Multiple x Annual Contribution. (Subject to underwriting).
Benefits on Death Sum Cover.
Net PIA value accumulated at the time of death.
Surplus from the Waqf Fund, if any.
Benefits at Maturity Net PIA value accumulated at the time of Maturity.
Surplus from the Waqf Fund, if any.
Loyalty Rewards After payment of 11th years Contribution and onwards an annual "Loyalty Rewards" is payable @ 5% of annual basic contribution as extra contribution allocation to participant's investment account (PIA).

Free Look Period Certificate can be cancelled within fourteen (14) days of issuance and refund of Contribution subject to deduction of medical fees.
Contribution Re-direction The choices of Investment Funds into which the Contributions are invested can be changed at any time.
Changes to take effect from next Contribution payment.
Top Up Contribution Additional investment into the PIA is allowed at any time.
The Units shall be allocated at the prevailing offer price.
Fund Switching Units may be switched from one Fund to another at anytime.
The minimum value of Units that may be switched is PKR 20,000 or the entire Units holding in that Fund(s), whichever is lower.
One free switching per year, thereafter a fee of PKR 300 will be applicable.
Change in Contribution Contribution can be changed subject to minimum amount.
Changes to take effect from next Certificate anniversary date.
Change in Sum Cover Sum Cover can be changed subject to Minimum/Maximum limits.
Changes exceeding Non-Medical Limit subject to underwriting.
Changes to take effect from next Certificate anniversary date.
PIA Fund Management Fee
(Wakala Tharawat Fee)
1.50% per annum of PIA Fund Value.
Partial Withdrawal (from PIA) Partial withdrawal from regular basic plan (PIA) can be made after payment of 3rd year contribution.
Partial withdrawal from top up can be made at any time.
Minimum withdrawal at least PKR 10,000.
Minimum balance after withdrawal must be at least PKR 30,000 or 20% of pre-withdrawal value, whichever is higher.
Withdrawal fee PKR 300.
Surrender of Certificate Surrender can be made at any time after payment of 3rd year contribution.
The balance in PIA less indebtednes, if any, shall be payable.
Surplus from Waqf (if any).
The Certificate shall terminate.
Indexation (Optional) Contribution can be increased annually by 5% to 10%.
This option must be exercised at inception.
Supplementary Riders
Accidental Death benefit (ADB).
Accidental Death & Disablement Benefit (ADDB).
Critical Illness (CI).
Funeral Expense Benefit (FEB).
Total Permanent Disablement (TPD)
Family Income Benefit (FIB).
Family Protection Benefit (FPB).
Waiver Of Contribution (WOC).
Shareek-e-Zindagi (SPB)
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