An excellent combination of Takaful Protection and Investment Return to ensure a secure future for you and your family’s various needs.

You may be enjoying a comfortable life with a decent and stable income today and aspiring for a happy and prosperous life tomorrow. But, your present financial situation may not be sufficient enough to guarantee a secure financial future. Your commitments and priorities vary in times to come. However, with proper financial planning and wise investments you could enjoy a life of your aspirations. That s where you can depend on Dawood Family Takaful.
Our Sahulat Plan is designed to help you plan your future financial needs. Sahulat is a Shari ah compliant investment and financial protection vehicle which can secure your future financial well being.

Benefits for You

You can expect higher returns over the long term by investing in unit linked Shariah-compliant investment funds:

The result is more finances available for you to fulfill your future aspirations and dreams. So, whether it is a dream house, education for your children or daughters marriage or a peaceful retired life, you got it covered.

You have the Choice of various Risk-Return Combinations of Shariah-Compliant Investment Funds:

Different people have different financial requirements. You can invest fully in any one of our Shariah-compliant funds or allocate your contributions to a range of lucrative funds in a proportion that suits your short term or long term goals with flexibile investment period between 10-40 years. Sahulat Plan offers choice of 3 investment funds i.e.

Income Fund
Balanced Fund
Aggressive Fund

You have the option to Switch between funds easily:

The Sahulat Plan allows you switch between the available fund options.

Top-Up – You have flexibility to increase fund value by investing excess money at any time:

You can increase your fund value by investing the excess money over and above your regular contributions.

Takaful Protection cover for You in addition to Investment Funds:

We cannot control the future events, but can prepare for any eventuality and minimize the adverse impact. Sahulat Plan provides takaful protection, giving you and your loved ones reliable financial cover.
In the unfortunate event of untimely demise (Allah forbid), Sahulat Plan will pay out of the Participants Takaful Fund (PTF) the sum cover amount and accumulated balance of your investment account value (PIA), to the designated beneficiaries.

Settlement on your plan s maturity is very easy:

Based on the investment term chosen for your Sahulat Plan, you are entitled to receive your full fund value at the time of maturity.

You have Convenience of partial cash withdrawal option:

In Sahulat Plan when you want your money to meet emergencies, you can have it easily.

You have an Early Maturity Option:

Long term financial planning is based on assumptions and estimation which may change over time. In case you wish to revise your plans after the 15th year of your certificate you can choose to mature your plan earlier then the planned maturity in full or part without any hidden charges.

Your Capital is guaranteed

From 15th certificate year and onwards.

Continued protection for you:

Even if your contributions are stopped, Sahulat Plan provides you a unique feature of continued protection. Your certificate shall be kept in-force by cancellation of units at the prevailing unit price to make your donations to the Participants Takaful Fund(PTF), so long as there are units to support such contributions.

Additional cover benefits for you with supplementary riders:

The Sahulat Plan also gives you the option to customize your investment Plan with supplementary benefits to enjoy additional protection. The optional riders can be attached to and made part of your investment plan, including the following:

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
Accidental Death / Disability Benefit (ADDB)
Critical Illness Benefit (CI)
Funeral Expense Benefit (FEB)
Family Income Benefit (FIB)
Family Protection Benefit (FPB)
Total Permanent Disablement (TPD)
Waiver of Contribution (WOC)
Additional Takaful Benefit (ATB)
Shareek-e-Zindage (SBP)

Projected Benefits (Example at Age 35)*

Annual Contribution Rs 100,000/-
Sum Cover Rs 4.0 Millions
Policy Term 40 Years
Contribution Payment 40 Years
Maturity at Age 75 Year
Maturity Benefit at 14% Rs 92.53 Million
Death Benefit at 14% - 40th Year Rs 96.53 Million
Maturity Benefit at 12% Rs 51.80 Million
Death Benefit at 12% - 40th Year Rs 55.80 Million
Maturity Benefit at 10% Rs 28.96 Million
Death Benefit at 10% - 40th Year Rs 32.96 Million


  • * This is based on assumptions and subject to actual experience. Terms and condition apply. For more information please refer to the detailed notes in illustration.
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